Frequently Asked Questions


The coconut tree is known as the "Tree of Life".

Coconuts are bursting with life-giving, immune-boosting nutrients that work wonders for our bodies. Based on scientific research, you could technically live for 10 years or more on just coconuts alone.

Virginutty harnesses these powerful properties to benefit your body through coconut oil.

So, what exactly is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a highly nutritious and delicious natural superfood substance derived from the fruit of the coconut tree. Unlike most vegetable oils, it is resistant to the breakdown of fatty acid chains even at higher cooking temperatures. Organic virgin coconut oil has hundreds, if not thousands of uses, and is commonly used all over the body as a nourishing and moisturising beauty treatment. Coconut oil is 100% edible and plant-based in origin.

How can coconut oil benefit me?

Comprised of medium-chain saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid (~50%), caprylic acid (~10%) and capric acid (~8%), as well as vitamins such as E and K, coconut oil is naturally optimised to benefit your body inside and out. As a superfood, its health benefits are very well known. But as a body treatment, coconut oil can transform your skin and hair for the better, depending on where you apply it.

When applied as a daily moisturiser, coconut oil helps combat the harmful effects of pollution and chemicals on skin and prevents premature wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and sealing in skin moisture,. Moisturising regularly with coconut oil can help restore our natural sebum balance, improving skin elasticity and youthfulness all over.

Used as a hair treatment, coconut oil can naturally fortify dry and damaged locks, restoring strength, reducing frizz and increasing shine. It can also stimulate hair growth, as coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair follicles and triglycerides attract protein molecules to repair the collagen layer. 

How is coconut oil made?

Coconut oil can be made using many different methods. At Virginutty, we use cold-pressed methods to retain the nutrients in our product. If you’re interested in reading more about the production process, read How Is Coconut Oil Made? The Ultimate Guide.

What's the difference between Philippine coconut oil and coconut oil from other countries?

The difference lies in the species of coconuts used, and the manufacturing processes. We cannot speak for other countries, but in the Philippines, the organic coconut farms that supply our coconuts are fair-trade and non-GMO. Philippine coconut farms - and indeed, general agricultural practices in the country - are typically naturally organic because they do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

The farms we source from produce organic fertiliser from existing farm waste, which brilliantly reduces waste by recycling it. They have also capitalised on the soil fertility and farming methods by intercropping (planting other varieties of plant between coconut trees) species such as banana trees.


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Why is Virginutty's Philippine organic virgin coconut oil special?

The purity of your coconut oil affects everything, from the nutrient-rich content to the efficacy of its benefits on your skin. From moisturiser to make-up remover, the Virginutty range features individual products naturally optimised to treat your body.

We sustainably source our coconuts from fair trade and certified organic Philippine farmers who receive fair pay, good working conditions, and whose livelihoods are protected by community schemes. These farmers do all they can to stay true to the purity of the coconut. The care with which our coconut oil is produced is reflected in the final product.

We offer you the highest quality, raw (unrefined, unpasteurised), pure, organic virgin coconut oil from the islands of the Philippines. In our opinion, there's no other coconut oil in the world that is as purely produced. The organic farms we source our coconuts from are used by Michelin-starred chefs. It's quality quality. Our body is our biggest organ. We owe it to ourselves to use exceptional natural products, from the soil it grows on, to the products we open, to treat our bodies.

Why can't I just use the cheaper coconut oil I use for cooking?

Our coconut oil is premium. From seed beginnings to final product, we stay true to the purity of the coconut as the Tree of Life. Our coconut farmers do all they can to protect its integrity. 

Our suppliers also have an incredible mission to deliver empowering social and economic initiatives and projects to protect their workers, such as: coconut replanting projects, research programs, livelihood projects such as microfinancing, scholarship programs for children and grandchildren of farmers, and pest management and calamity funds (the Philippines is highly vulnerable to natural disasters).

When you spend money, you are also casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Support sustainable and independent brands who are consciously trying to make a difference in the way we consume and create goods!

What's in your products?

Hand on heart, we're proud to say that our three main products contain one single, pronounceable, delicious, incredible ingredient: Cocos Nucifera, also known as coconut oil. That's it. One ingredient. 

Wait, one ingredient? So it's "just" coconut oil?

Yes. Our philosophy is to enlighten consumers about the widespread uses of coconut oil by providing them with an accessible way to use it in all aspects of their lives. It's vital to differentiate the purposes you use coconut oil for in terms of hygiene. Double-dipping leads to contamination, which can lead to illness. You can use coconut oil to bake cookies, rub on eczema, as a mouthwash, as a sexual lubricant, and to dab on insect wounds, to give a few examples. Do you really want to be using the one same pot for all of those purposes?!

Any other questions?

Feel free to email our founder, Mel - She'll get back to you as soon as she can, when she's not busy cracking coconuts open.